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Friday, 30 March 2012

Forgotten Internet Pioneers

Please take a little consideration of the facility we are all using and benefiting from, the internet,.The people who were on the Ground flour of the invention are not as successful as we ought to have thought.Although fortunes vary which are made by internet Entrepreneurs almost every week, the majority of Computer Scientists,programmers and visionaries who were the real pioneers of the Internet and made the whole entire Cyber revolution possible have largely missed out on the riches and inexhaustible resources of the facility.I do not know whether they will win a place in the History books. Today their invention has become a World changing Force.Considering the three Engineers Dave Walden, Craig Partridge and Ray Tomlinson at Bolt Beranek and Newman, a Cambridge,Massachusetts consultancy were part of the team that created the ARPANET, the Internet's predecessor.Mr Tomlinson put the "@" in the e-mail. By the time the World Wide Web came around to prove the commercial potential of what was then an Academic network,the 3 were nearing retirement.The others like Jeff Bezos the founder of the internet book shop and Yang the co-founder of Yahoo! the web-search site, Marc Andreesen the founder of Netscape who are now wealthier than their dreams.In the early 90s I remember the Internet was used in Universities in America and not purposed for commercial use.But then comes Gopher who displays many of the features of today's web, from search services to portals and early e-commerce.Mark McCahill led the team of programmers which developed Gopher and for a while they were the promising heroes of emerging wired World.Later the innovations of Bill Gates come in with enormous commercialization of the web, thus bringing many people to earn a fortune on the Internet.I have found out that in this innovation there have been a number of people who have contributed a number of ideas on this and that on the web, but make it a piece of Home work to find out who they are so that we do not forget them or some of them to go into the Genesis Book of Records. Always check out on my blog for more interesting stories of web and cyber history I will always bring out for you. Paul Ngoye Zake, I remain. The above Article was to make you more interested in the internet facility you are enjoying ; If you came across a topic like [Learn How To Immediately Recover Passwords From Most Applications And Website Accounts, As Well As Windows Accounts. Also Includes Tips For Effective Account Management To Never Again Lose A Single Password.][Click Here!]

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